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One Hundred Red Roses

One Hundred Red Roses

CF-One Hundred Red Roses

Impress your beloved like never before with an extravagant bouquet of 100 exquisite long-stemmed red roses! Meticulously designed by our skilled floral designers, this stunning arrangement showcases a profusion of vibrant red blossoms and lush greenery, all elegantly displayed within a timeless cylindrical vase. Towering at over 2 feet in height, this opulent surprise is personally hand-delivered, ensuring a romantic gesture that will forever be etched in her heart.

A comprehensive display featuring 100 top-grade long stem red roses, embellished with an assortment of verdant greens.
Our expert floral designer meticulously chose the freshest blooms available, and the hue of the roses may vary slightly based on local offerings.
Artistically curated within a transparent glass vase.
This impressive arrangement measures a grand 30 inches in height and extends to 26 inches in length, making it a breathtaking testament to your affection and devotion.


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