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Conroy's Flowers is a florist in Ladera Ranch CA. Floriography. Crash Course on the Language of Flowers. In ancient times, flowers were a major part of religious traditions. They served as offerings to gods and played roles in passing on their myths. Blooms also came to signify values and virtues in many societies. People knew how essential flowers were in interactions. So they began to assign various meanings to flowers. They became a means to share thoughts and feelings. In the 1700s, French and Englishmen introduced a way to give meanings to flowers. This led the way to the field of floriography, or the language of flowers. In this article, we uncover the origins behind the language of flowers. We go back to a brief history on the tradition of gifting flowers. We look at the ways in which the language of flowers has changed over time, across various cultures. We also learn about the meanings we give certain flowers and arrangements today.


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History of Floriography. The Greeks and Romans held flowers in high regard. They adored blooms' natural beauty and vibrant colors. In their vast collection of myths, the story of Persephone centers on flowers. The delicate girl is also known as the Spring Goddess. Persephone tended to gardens both in the Underworld and on earth. Bright blooms flourished in full with her care. Different species blossomed in her gardens. Many asserted that they grew even more lovely in her presence to delight her. Likewise, Ancient Egyptians adorned their carts with wreaths before going to war. They also put flowers inside their loved one's tomb before burying them. The Egyptians draped florals around their offerings to their gods. They did this as a sign of love and adoration. The lotus flower was their most honored flower. It carried meanings of rebirth, so they used them in their gifts. Over time, these societies used flowers based upon the meanings linked to them. Lilies, for instance, stood for purity. The colonial era produced the first complete guide to flowers and their meanings. This advanced side by side with floristry. People began to adjust floral designs to the meanings behind flowers.

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The Art and Science of Flower Meanings. The Victorian Era set the pace for the more intricate language of flowers today. People from this period relied quite a lot on flowers to reveal their emotions. As such, experts had to draw up entire books on flower meanings. Greeks and Egyptians used bunches of the same blossom. In contrast, the Victorian period saw arrangements with a wide variety of flowers. This was to convey a mix of meanings of various flowers. Floriography then grew into an entire field of study. It set out to give flowers meaning based upon where and when it grew. Today, people know that blooms hold a wide range of meanings. One needs to regard the flower's history, color, and its position in its arrangement. This is the best way to show genuine feelings and sentiments. In recent years, people have started to factor in flowers' scents. They're now as crucial as the colors and shapes of flowers in floral design. Flower shops also feature scents in their marketing appeal. To this day, we still use flowers based upon their meanings. We even have a whole discipline on the meanings of flowers and arrangements! This has helped us celebrate important occasions. It has allowed us to express our feelings to others. Most important of all, it lets us mourn the loss of loved ones. We give bouquets of long-stemmed roses for Valentine's Day. We present baskets as a birthday or housewarming gift. We pay respects with floral tributes for grieving families. Whatever we experience, flowers always let us convey ourselves in the most meaningful way!

Scent Marketing in Floristry. Psychology of Smell and Consumer Behavior. For this blog post, we cover the concept of scent. We see how it plays a role in maintaining a business, specifically in the industry of floristry. We dive deep into the connection of our sense of smell with the tendencies of human behavior. We learn the impacts that scent has on the decision making practices of clients. This includes how helpful it is in turning window shoppers into actual customers. We go over the study of the psychology of smell and how it influences people's actions and behavior. We also see its impact on their purchases and preferences among a variety of products. Next, we look into a list of common scents and the typical feelings and meanings associated with them. Then, we look at how retail and big corporate stores recognized that and used it for their favor. We look into the concept of scent marketing for business. We discuss how business owners use the aspect of fragrance. After that, we see how they use flower scents in marketing and boost their sales rates. Interested in a formal course on floristry? Want to get licensed as an expert on everything related to the industry? We got you! Look into these professional bodies and schools in floristry. Some good examples are the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (, the Society of American Florists (, the American Floral Endowment ( You can also check out similar organizations offering programs specializing in floristry.

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Are you in the Ladera Ranch, California area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Ladera Ranch, California. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

Conroy's Flowers has been serving Ladera Ranch since 1985. We are family-owned and operated with one location serving the South Orange County, California area. We serve the areas:

Scent and Human Behavior. Studies have shown that smell is delicately connected to the brain's section for memory. Also, lots of people keep memories extending back to their childhood and formative years. Given that, scent can influence individuals' behavior and their decision making processes. In reality, specific scents can trigger particular memories. Because of that, scent has a tendency to steer them towards some choices more than others. This, of course, depends on what exact memory the scent brought up. Because of their fragrant smell, flowers complement a place's aesthetic and theme. This is particularly true for weddings, funerals, and romantic occasions. Wedding organizers usually enlist the help of florists. For one, florists provide boutonnieres and bouquets to match the theme and motif. There is also care in choosing flowers that smell as lovely and sweet as the event it decorates. Funeral homes usually receive flower ornaments for services. in hopes of exuding happier and comforting scents for the family in grief. Romantic dates and anniversaries usually make use of the power of fragrance. Proposals specifically, use flowers to set the mood, leading up to the big question. No matter the occasion, scent is without a doubt an important part of the entire aesthetic and theme. In fact, it usually sets the mood for the event.


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Ladera Ranch is an affluent master-planned community and census-designated place located in south Orange County, California, just outside the city limits of San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo. Ladera Ranch, California coordinates at 33°32′48″N 117°38′25″W.

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