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Conroy's Flowers is a florist in El Toro CA. The Best of Blooms. Short History of Floral Arrangements and Design. All through changing times, fashions and fads have come and gone. But flower arrangements have continually conveyed our love for nature. They've played a huge part in our admiration of life's beauty! Each stunning creation is a work of art! It brings about a bright, pleasant ambience anywhere it's placed. But where did flower arrangements begin? Whose idea was it to place flowers with each other and for what reason? What did flowers mean to people in the olden days? How did styles in floral design develop over time? What caused these changes? Today, we'll address all these questions. We'll get a short but intriguing peek into the terrific history of flower arrangements!


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Ancient Times. The very first records of floral design go back to 2500-2600 BCE in Ancient Egypt. Historical experts uncovered that Egyptians were the first to artfully put flowers in a vase. They were often used for feasts and religious rituals. Ancient Egyptians also used them to honor the dead in burials and processions. Lotus flowers are commonly recognized as the most important flowers of that era. Egyptians believed they were holy to the goddess Isis. In Egyptian art, men and women were often exhibited holding lotus flowers in their hands. Similar attitudes towards the religious values of flowers were found in Ancient China. Confucians, Buddhists, and Taoists set cut flowers on altars. Florists were held in high regard and given immense respect. Ancient Chinese art also painted flowers on vases, scrolls, and carvings. Flowers and leaves were also often placed together based on what meanings they held. Peonies represented wealth and good fortune. This is why they are known and celebrated as the 'king of flowers'. Tiger lilies and orchids symbolized fertility. Pear and peach trees embodied long and abundant lives. In Ancient Greece and Rome, flowers were mostly used for impressive decor in a show of wealth. They weaved flowers and foliage into wreaths for joyful celebrations. Their love of flowers is notable. Blooms were often depicted in art and written into myths. Wreaths also marked the celebration of victories. In Ancient Greece, they rewarded wreaths to champions of the early Olympic games. This practice remains to this day. They also enjoyed artistry and ingenuity with flowers. Historians assert that the very first mixed flower arrangement was from the Romans. Middle Ages. The Byzantines pursued the floral designs of the Roman empire. They placed more importance on perfect balance and sleek looks. They took on garland-making as well. But they put their own twist on it by adding in fruit and foliage, building tree-like designs. Gold and jewel tones were prevailing during this era. Favored flowers included carnations, cypress, daisies, and lilies.

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After the Roman empire fell, there was an artistic downturn in the Middle Ages. Sadly, this included floral design. Monks were the only ones to continue the art of floristry, using florals in monasteries. Inspired by Oriental fashions, they often set their flowers in Chinese vases. Renaissance. The Renaissance era saw a fiery revival of art and culture. This meant people found a new appreciation for beauty and life in all forms. Italians were the first to show their new zest for creativity in floristry. Full, intricate flower arrangements were displayed in feasts. Others started to include them as decor for homes and churches. Renaissance floral design was often concerned with pure beauty and symmetry. Bright and bold color triads were in style, designed with arc, ellipse, and triangle shapes. Flowers were also often coupled with different types of fruits and vegetables. These were placed in a range of containers, from bowls to baskets to vases. But they were all designed to cover the stems and only feature the blooms. People of this era also attached special meanings to flowers, like love, purity, and goodness. Among the most sought-after flowers then were carnations, daisies, irises, lilies, marigolds, and violets. Victorian Era Opulence, luxury, propriety-- these were the defining traits of the Victorian Era. Flower arrangements became a means to display wealth and good breeding. This is why they became exceedingly lavish and extravagant. Luxurious homes had ornate vases teeming with gorgeous masses of flowers. Ladies were educated on the art of floral design as part of their upbringing. It was also during this time that floral design was formally taught and studied as a form of art.

Floral styles in the Victorian era set itself apart from other time periods. People then weren't all that concerned with symmetry, proportion, or color schemes. They were more occupied with how many flowers were in a vase, instead of with how they looked. Bouquets were often compact and cascading. Rich, heavy colors like purples, blues, reds, and browns were in fashion for floral design. Flowers were often arranged in a round shape. Foliage and herbs were placed in for more aroma and texture. Roses, tulips, carnations, baby's breath, and lilacs were among the most well-loved flowers. 20th Century. Interest in floral design peaked in the USA in the 1930s. It was then acknowledged to have its own rules by the Women's Garden Club. Traditional designs were concerned with creating clean, balanced arrangements. They provided texture and depth but only followed a specific design pattern. Later on, free style became more in demand. With no set patterns, there was more leeway to explore different color palettes, rhythms, sizes, and plant materials. There were more natural styles that consisted of rocks, branches, and greens. Japanese influences were also featured, marked by simplicity and openness. Today, trends in floral designs continue to evolve! Now, there are endless choices for floral design that welcome everyone's unique tastes and style!

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Top 10 Trendy Floral Arrangements. Lovely blooms can lift your mood, dress up spaces, and bring bliss to anyone who gazes upon them. Having a gorgeous floral arrangement makes people feel more at home because it brings a sense of peace and delight. But picking out the same flowers and bouquets can get a bit dull over time. There may be times when you want to think up new ideas but just don't have enough time or energy to do it. The great news is that flower trends are ever-changing, which is a great thing! It keeps your design choices as fresh as the flowers you cherish. So if you're getting bored of using the same old bundle of flowers for your home, office, or events, we're right here to help! Our lineup of trendy bouquets are sure to catch your eye and revamp any space into an inspired new design. Unique Additions. Traditional flower lovers may be skeptical of dried flowers. But there's no doubting how trendy they are these days! Their rustic and captivating look can make any bouquet stick out from the rest. There are even bouquets made up completely of dried blossoms! These are perfect for anyone who wants a low-maintenance but dazzling bouquet. Roses, pansies, sunflowers, and baby's breath make lovely dried flowers. Herbs and Foliage. Greens make a bouquet look a lot more natural and textured, while accenting its vivid colors! Herbs like rosemary, sage, mint, and thyme aren't only for cooking anymore. They also offer both flourish and perfume to any bouquet. Their strong scents draw out the soft and sweet aroma of blooms. Foliage is another unique choice! It brings color, depth, and texture to bouquets. Best examples include ferns, palm leaves, sharp grass, or even branches! Popular Themes. Today's design trends are all about sleek and classic charm. Floral arrangements have caught up to this fad! A lot of bouquets making the most use of a single flower variety, along with a handful of leaves or branches. Minimalist bouquets are best for those who love cutting-edge and chic styles! Heavenly Aromas. Scent isn't a second thought to floral arrangements! It fills homes and spaces with pleasant smells that give off a sense of calm, comfort, and peace. It's also known to relieve sadness and anxiety, making it perfect for offices or classrooms. Flowers with this aura typically include lavenders, lilacs, gardenias, hyacinths, and wisterias. Vintage Inspiration. If dramatic glamour is more of your type, vintage bouquets are the way to go! They create a rich, dreamlike feel that brings you back to the bygone days. It also gives any room a sense of classic luxury. Carnations, tulips, orchids, snowberries, and viburnums have this distinct striking quality.


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